How the seed was sown

Seeded Digital was planted in 2019 and grew from a desire to bring under one potting-shed roof the expertise of some great people. Great to work with, great at what they do and great at growing things. Our experience has been cultivated from pastures far and wide and we know digital marketing like a gardener knows grass.

In a nutshell seed pod, we get people to your digital properties and get them doing the things that positively affect your bottom line. For us and our partners, that means search engine optimisation (SEO), paid/biddable media (pay per click / PPC, display, paid social and so on), conversion rate optimisation (CRO) & analytics, and we do that for D2C Start-Ups, SMEs & eCommerce businesses.

Sowing seeds in the right places

Here's where we're at - we do conversations and proposals. We don't do RFPs. Please don't send us one, it's a bit like receiving the sales version of Japanese Knotweed - invasive and suppresses all other growth! We're a small team with clients to serve and if we get lost in the weeds of sales admin, client work suffers. When you're our client we promise you'll appreciate that approach.

If you like what you've seen and read on the website or what you've heard on the grape vine, let's have a conversation and see how we can work together.

Let's get growing...

Anthony Tuite

Founder & MD

Account Director

Adam Howell

Marketing Consultant

Marketing Strategy

Luke Masters

SEO Lead

Account Director

Juan Girini

Lead Developer

Software & Website Development

Jack Mann

SEO Consultant

Account Director

You Perhaps?

Hero Consultant
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