Rates for SMEs

£750 a day

We offer a fully managed service but without the big agency margins.

Your project will be scoped with the expertise you require, in a transparent way... think greenhouse.

Our philosophy for D2C Scale-ups & SMEs

Your in-house gardeners are doing a great job, but there's a lot of ground to cover, resources are limited, and what to do about that show-stopping rose... if only it would flower?  Sometimes you just need to get stuff done and would benefit from a fresh pair of eyes reviewing your digital growth strategy.

Sometimes businesses lack the individual areas of expertise to translate and execute their marketing plans into reality via their digital channels. There's no way to afford individual specialists full time and agencies are expensive. Seeded may have the right mix of expertise, flexibility and cost that you've been sorely missing out on. We'll get those roses flowering... and probably unearth some other little beauties you never knew were there.

Working with Seeded gives you access to the right level of digital marketing expertise and resources to make sure you achieve your goals and deliver your strategy.  Once we've helped you review your digital marketing strategy, budget, resource structure and bandwidth, we can then be flexible with our involvement in the digital initiatives you need support with. Keeping overheads down, while building cash flows from your increase in activity.

Hands-on landscape architects to help you check your best laid plans and how they translate to digital, with the support of specialist gardeners to ensure your climbers are climbing, your creepers are creeping, your roses are radiant and cross-pollination is abound.

We help scale-ups & SMEs with these sorts of questions

  • SEO, content, PPC, social, display, native, programmatic, email... how does it all fit together and how do I measure the value to the business?
  • Content marketing, content strategy, content production, content distribution, content content content... what's the deal and is it really worth the trouble?
  • We have a blog... frankly I don't know why and does it have to be a blog?
  • How do I make content measurable and demonstrate its effect on the bottom line?
  • Am I getting value from my current agency? Is there another way?
  • Why are my competitors beating me in organic search for my main key terms?
  • Am I trying to rank for the right keywords in organic search, or is there another way?
  • I'm a newer business, how do I compete in organic search - what should my strategy be?
  • Am I measuring the right KPIs?
  • Should I really be bidding on my own brand in Google Ads?
  • If I switched off brand bidding, what would happen?
  • What does an effective combined paid and organic search strategy look like?
  • Do I need to link build?
  • I'm putting a lot of resource in to content production, but it doesn't seem to be 'doing' anything for the business. Is that normal?
  • What does effective digital PR look like and why is my PR company not doing it (trust me, they almost certainly aren't).

“The Seeded guys really helped us get to grips with the technicalities of SEO, making it an understandable process and relating it very specifically to our business model, our product range, and the challenges we face in such a fast-growing sector. It all made sense. "

Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig Founder