Rates for start-ups

Usually we quote by project for start-ups. Alternatively, we can work to the day rate below if you need a longer-term engagement.

£600 a day

We offer a fully managed service without the big agency margins.

Your project will be scoped with the expertise you require, in a transparent way... think greenhouse.

Our philosophy for D2C start-ups

To bear fruit, your marketing needs to seed and take root. But fruit doesn't grow in a day and you could do without the overhead of a full-time gardener during your first few growing seasons!

Whether you're bootstrapping or Series A funded, your business needs to grow. You need marketing to tell the world what you're doing and to grow your revenue streams - and in today's world that means marketing in the digital space. But spending your budget in the right way and avoiding the compost heap can be tricky.

Working with Seeded means accessing the right level of digital marketing expertise and resource to make that happen. We give you the grounding and strategy to take forward and help you with initial implementation. Once we've helped you put a plan together and set you off on the right footing, you then have options which don't have to involve maintaining a specialist permanent resource straight away - particularly if you need to keep overheads down while cash-flow builds.

Hands-on landscape architects rather than full-time gardeners in this instance.

We help start-ups with these sorts of questions

  • Does my website talk to visitors only about my product or service?
  • Am I having issues appearing for my brand name in Google?
  • Do I want my business to rank in Google for more than just my brand name (clue: yes!)?
  • Is my new website set-up correctly to take advantage of people already searching for my products / services in Google?
  • Do I have a 'content strategy' to communicate effectively with my audience, and for conveying what I do to Google with expertise and authority? Could it be working harder for me?
  • Do I have the resource to create the content detailed in my content strategy?
  • How will I distribute my content? What social channels should I use?
  • Will visitors find my website trust-worthy and does Google think the same?
  • What are my short, mid and long-terms goals for generating organic visitors from Google?
  • Is my website going to convert visitors at the rate I need to hit my business goals?
  • Am I adhering to conversion rate optimisation (CRO) best practice?

For local businesses:

  • Should I be appearing in Google maps?
  • Have I sorted out my Google My Business listing?
  • Have I registered my Name, Address and Phone Number (NAP) with the important databases Google uses as a reference?

“As a result of Seeded's work, we have changed our content direction on-site for the better and we are really looking forward to continuing this partnership and adding more value to our business into next year."

Nick Coleman, Snaffling Pig Founder