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Tailor made 1-on-1 consultancy & coaching for eCommerce start-ups and small businesses. Includes actionable SEO advice.

£495 (or FREE)

Fully refundable against your first invoice when you sign-up for our retained SEO services within 12 months of your clinic.

What do you get?

  • Real life, in-person advice on your website from our SEO and content strategy experts.
  • Strategic direction and insight into your website and the data behind it.
  • Instructional video from one of our experts discussing findings and providing ideas, tips and suggestions that you can action immediately.

Our 1-on-1 SEO clinics are tailored to your brand's website, providing you with the building blocks to get your SEO and content strategy rooted in the right way. A little intervention at the start goes a long way and can stop expensive mistakes being errantly sown into your website.

These are the SEO investment rules for start-ups that we live by:

  • Get the foundation right.
  • Invest further when cashflow allows.
  • Don't leave it too late.

When up and firing, a well optimised website with the right content brings in new business and becomes the most financially efficient channel available. It hedges against unforeseen changes in other channels and mitigates risk in your routes to market. But only if it's been done ahead of those 'moments'.

A D2C business's recent moratorium post on LinkedIn, posted by one of its founders, included the immortal line: " Facebook lost its effectiveness, our unit economics crumbled."

Don't be that company. Have a back-up plan. Plan ahead and get on with your SEO. Sow the right seeds. We can help you plan and make the right start.

Our online Clinics are designed for brands like you.

Over the course of half a day, where you only need to join us on a video call for an hour, we help you get to know your website better, explain a bit more about SEO, what organic search is, why it's important and how you can make improvements to your website.

Tailor-made just for you and focused on growing your organic search traffic - our clinic provides the right level of high-quality insight, including content targeting, product categorisation and taxonomy, internal linking, content creation and technical advice. All in an easily understandable way that's immediately actionable.

And this is all run on a date and at a time that's convenient for you.

How it works

  • We research your website and formulate your SEO strategy based on our findings.
  • We then run through this with you on our video call, giving you tips, feedback and suggestions.
  • You will also have 30 minutes for Q&A on our call.
  • Your session is recorded as a takeaway, and sent to you along with any research data.

As a bonus, if you decide that you would like to invest further in our retained SEO services (at any time in the 12 months after your clinic), you'll be refunded your workshop fee against your first invoice.

Book your website clinic

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