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SEO for business-to-business lead generation SMEs

In the complex ecosystem of B2B commerce, your website is more than just a digital brochure; it's a fertile field where potential business relationships can take root. At Seeded Digital, we specialise in nurturing these connections, turning your online presence into a thriving garden of opportunities. Let's get your B2B SEO journey started... it's time to grow beyond the pot!

Why lead generation SEO?

In the realm of B2B, it's about cutting through the noise and catching the eye of the ideal partners precisely when they're looking. Our customised approach to B2B SEO is designed to make your business bloom in a bustling marketplace, drawing in precisely the type of visitors your site needs for lead germination and business growth.

Our growth plan: from seedling to business in bloom

1. Groundwork (SEO audit):

Every successful garden starts with understanding the lay of the land. We begin by evaluating your current digital terrain, identifying both the fertile ground and the areas that need more nurturing to support growth.

2. Planting plan (topics, entities, keywords, PAAs and competitor pages):

Using our green thumbs and sophisticated tools (including the latest iterations of available AI assistants, third party and in-house software), we root around your important topics and their associated "entities" and hence arrive at the optimal structure of information (by topic) and the formats to house it (e.g. article, guide, whitepaper etc). By approaching the problem by topic and sub topic, instead of keyword by keyword, it allows us to see the wood for the trees and cross into the fertile ground that is topical authority.

To achieve that, we interrogate Google's search results by "whole topic" rather than isolated vanity keywords. By doing so, we come to understand all the questions and answers Google pushes users to look at (including which are the most important and prevalent), and which competitor pages are winning and being rewarded overall - for a given topic. That level of data and intelligence is what you need to create your garden of opportunity.

3. Nurturing growth (content strategy and on-page SEO):

Content is the soil in which your B2B SEO strategy will flourish. We help you create rich, informative content that positions your business as a thought-leader, demonstrating experience and deep-rooted expertise (part of Google's E-E-A-T paradigm for quality content: experience, expertise, authoritativeness and trustworthiness). From blog posts to whitepapers, deal announcements to events; every piece of content is part of your hub and spoke ecosystem.

4. Cultivating reach (off-page SEO):

No plant grows in isolation. We extend your digital roots through strategic link-building, enhancing your site’s authority and ensuring it’s represented as a leading source of information and product within your industry.

5. Regular pruning and husbandry (on-page and technical SEO):

Just as a garden needs regular care, your website needs continuous optimisation. We tackle technical issues that could hinder growth and ensure our content mix stays healthy - adding to it when we need to, and exploring where else we could grow.

6. Harvesting insights (analytics and reporting):

How will you know when to stop and smell the roses? We provide detailed reports on your SEO performance, offering insights into indexation, rankings, visibility, clicks and lead conversions. This data allows us to refine our strategy and tactics, ensuring that your business continues to grow and adapt in the ever-changing digital landscape.

Why choose Seeded Digital for your B2B SEO?

Specialised expertise:

We specialise in B2B lead generation SEO for SMEs. We understand the challenges that face B2B SMEs in competitive and crowded market places, and we know how to win.

Bespoke strategies:

Like a tailor-made suit, our SEO approach is custom-fitted to your business needs. Our strategies are road-tested and constantly being adapted to incorporate new technology and a constantly changing search environment.


Our goal isn’t just to increase traffic; it’s to cultivate an online presence that leads to real, sustainable growth for your business.

Ready to grow?

In the world of B2B, the right connections can make all the difference. With Seeded Digital, you're not just planting the seeds of success; you're cultivating an ecosystem that will deliver crop after crop of business opportunities. Let's turn your website into a garden where business relationships bloom. Contact us today, and let's get growing:

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