Rates for eCommerce

£750 a day

We offer a fully managed service but without the big agency margins.

Your project will be scoped with the expertise you require, in a transparent way... think greenhouse.

How we help D2C eCommerce businesses

Like the complex passion flower, eCommerce websites can be perplexing organisms to manage, with lots going on in all directions. Getting your approach right centrally is of huge importance. It will inform your digital channel strategy and ensure you see the wood for the trees. But you also want granularity by channel to drive down your cost per acquisition (CPA).

Short on time, long in product, loads to do and no-one to do the pruning, weeding and planting your website needs to flourish. Our approach to eCommerce digital marketing is a holistic one; we think about your website structure, we think about your content and how to engage and convert your customers; we think about how we bring you new customers - the whole ecosystem.

Seeded can plant the specialist consultants you need to make your eCommerce bloom.

How we help D2C eCommerce businesses

  • Faceted navigation and website taxonomies... where do I begin and how can it help what I'm doing in search?
  • My average order value needs to be higher, how do I improve that?
  • My paid media is so expensive, is there something I can do in Google Ads?
  • Our messaging on social media is all product focused and we're not getting traction. How do we solve that?
  • All my commerce happens on a separate platform, how do I integrate a payment system with my main website.
  • How do you optimise WordPress for search
  • How do you optimise Shopify for search
  • Shopify won't let me build beautiful landing pages, what can I do?
  • How do I get people to go straight to my app from Google's search results?
  • Magento, WooCommerce, Shopify... which platform is best for my business?