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Organic & Paid:
Longevity & ROI

Video Series - Episode 3 of 8

Series: Getting into D2C eCommerce SEO > Episode 3: Organic & Paid: Longevity & ROI

Does investing in SEO today give immediate results & save me money on Paid Advertisement?

This is a question that quite often comes up, when we're talking about that interplay with clients, and when we're trying to get people to wrap their heads around wheher it's one or the other.

I think you probably know the answer to that based on what I've said? - NOPE.

There is an interplay here.  And it's important to understand that they have distinct jobs to do.

Cash flow is King

So when you are starting out, cash flow is king.

If you are a young business, cash is king in terms of getting going.  SEO is not the thing you want to chuck a load of money into at that point. Because if you're looking at a cost benefit or an opportunity cost -  what you need is sales at this point. So that's what the paid channels are great for.

Paid media at this point is great, because you can set up a good ad campaign and drive people to your site, and they can be buying things. That's great.

So you should be getting the SEO basics right at that point, because you want to set the right foundation.

So if we do have time to create some content, understand the reason why we are creating that content. What is its job is and how is this going to be interlinked with the rest of the website.

Understanding what the job of a piece of content is, when you're creating it, means you're less likely to waste time creating that content.

Then once your cashflow is up and running, and there is some money to invest in marketing, then that's the time to start to think about SEO.

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Cashflow in place? Time to think about SEO

Yes, there is latency with SEO but  whenever you start it, there's always going to be that latency.

So when it becomes a possibility for you to do so, when your business is stable and and there is revenue, you've got your basics in place and you can start pushing some resource into pushing your organic channel.

Don't leave it too late because there's plenty of competitors out there, ready and waiting to eat your lunch. And even though they may not be doing great things, they will appear to be doing great things from an organic search point of view. There's latency. So they might be working hard on it behind the scenes, so don't get left behind.

Evolving paid and organic together

Once that starts biting, starts getting traction, your organic campaign start gaining traction. That's the time when you can evolve your paid and organic strategy together, thinking about that sales funnel. Thinking about what's the job of the two channels? What is the interplay between the two?

And possibly, at that point, starting to think of search as a whole as a blended cost per acquisition. So, rather than looking at it as "paid is doing all this and converting X  at this rate" and "organic is doing this and converting it this way" - look at it as the same search result, as it's the same. They both exist in that same place.

The user is in actively searching for something and clicking around, so it kinda makes sense to be thinking about the conversion side of it in terms of combined positions focused on what are they
doing and what are they delivering?

If you can think about it like that, and certainly have a plan to think about it like that, then I think it becomes easier for the bad decisions around the two channels to become less frequent.

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