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Why isn't every company investing in SEO?

Video Series - Episode 4 of 8

Series: Getting into D2C eCommerce SEO > Episode 4: Why isn't every company investing in SEO?

Why isn't every company investing in SEO?

Again, probably the most obvious reason that come sup is limited budgets. Yes, budgets are always limited. But, understanding how to use these and when in the business cycle and to what level that investment should be happening, is important to understand.

Those latent payoffs

To be honest, that is the hardest thing about SEO, in terms of selling SEO as an agency. The Latent payoff aspect is one of the hardest things to explain and get people to get their heads around.

Because they're used to using paid media, they are used to immediate results.

What we're trying to say is put the budget in as it's an investment and then you get the results later. So that Latent payoff is a big barrier for companies.

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Dated views on SEO

Organic search / SEO is a constant moving beast in terms of best practices. The rhetoric from Google has remained broadly the same, ever since day dot, and the way in which they can enforce that rhetoric.

How to ceate great content and think about the end user. That has got better. And therefore, the things that you do on your website have changed the things available to feature in search results, for those rich snippets.

Like the rich results that we looked at earlier and the SERP screenshots, this is constantly evolving. So, there is a constantly moving and evolving landscape. And quite often, if you're not in it,
then the views on it ended up being a little bit dated, which can present problems.

So this lack of understanding of the true value of SEO is a key barrier.

SEO should become the most cost efficient source of traffic to your website.

The Pandemic

And yes that the pandemic of course. These are the times we are living in, bids forced defend and
protect strategies. And when you come back around to the latent pay off side of things, and people are looking at budgets and thinking, 'what's going on' - this obviously has an effect as well.

So these are the reasons we come up against in terms of why people aren't doing it.

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