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Why is SEO important for D2C brands?

Video Series - Episode 5 of 8

Series: Getting into D2C eCommerce SEO > Episode 5: Why is SEO important for D2C brands?

Why SEO is so important for D2C Brands

Frankly, it's important because this is what's happening to the High Street right now. 

Pre-pandemic, the High Street was struggling with shops and stores closing as shopping habits changed and access to online shopping grew. This sped up during the pandemic.

The High Street as a result is evolving. But in reality, alot of places are closing and it is turning into a place for dentists and hairdressers etc. Places and services that you need to be physically there to do.

In terms of e-commerce, retail, and that side of things. It's becoming a pretty tough space, and it's moving online.

So, in, terms of the percentage of retail sales that are happening online now and what was happening pre/post pandemic, it's only sped this up. It became painfully clear in 2020, when we started out, businesses needed to adapt and adopt a direct-to-consumer strategy if they wanted that backup.

When things go wrong, like they have done, what's the backup, what's the plan? If there isn't a plan, and you haven't built up the organic search at that point, you're probably going to end up having to spend a lot of money on ads at that point.

In reality, what you should have is the ads and paid search side of things and the organic search channel playing nicely already. You should have that as a viable channel for when other things shut down. It's an insurance policy as much as anything else in today's world.

And to do that properly, we need to be discoverable via search engines.

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